Work where you're valued for who you are.

We serve a diverse patient population with underserved chronic conditions and it is important we understand their unique needs. Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is critical to effective product design, marketing initiatives, patient training, and customer service. We see it as a business imperative.

Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are proud of the gender balance in our executive leadership team and our board of directors, being one of the unique publicly-traded companies with more than 50% women in both. Our annual employee survey results indicate strong levels of inclusion and fairness, scoring over 78% favorable in those questions. In addition, we are working to build our diverse representation through internship programs and career development planning.

But our commitment doesn't stop with diverse, inclusive teams - it also includes how we empower those teams to serve our community. You'll find us organizing walk-a-thons for charities who serve our patients, organizing team volunteer activities, pitching in at community cleanups, and supporting our veterans. Our comprehensive Environmental Policy is focused on reducing our footprint and incorporating eco-stewardship into business objectives and processes.

You can trust that being a responsible corporate citizen - and providing transparency to our employees, patients, and business partners - is core to everything we do. Sound like your kind of workplace? Take a look at our open opportunities.

Doing more to further our Mission.

Our patient-first business model is one way we further our Mission of helping people with chronic conditions care for themselves at home, but we're also proud to go above and beyond in specific, impactful ways: From clinical research efforts which provide clinicians important evidence, to assisting thousands of patients experiencing financial hardship by providing devices at a reduced cost. To date, we've donated $70,000 to nonprofit organizations, assisting in philanthropic medical initiatives that further bring our Mission to life.

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Our annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report will give you a full picture of the company you'd be joining and our commitment to making a difference.